The TORRAS Ostand 360 Series: The Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Instances

Presenting the TORRAS Ostand 360 Case Series for iPhones – Including a 360-Spin Kickstand, Ring Holder, Powerful Magnets, and Military-Grade Security

The TORRAS Ostand 360 Instance Collection goes beyond just shielding your phone – it succeeds at it.

A current 2023 IPSOS and WGSN consumer research study on mobile phone case trends and understandings, unveiled at CES 2024, identified TORRAS for leading the way in kickstand phone cases and hailed TORRAS as “the future of phone situations.”

Allow’s delve deeper right into TORRAS’s phenomenal phone case offerings:

Introducing 360 Spin Stand
The 360 Spin Stand of the TORRAS Ostand 360 Series provides seamless iPhone seeing in both upright and straight positionings. The 360 Spin model includes a built-in kickstand that efficiently pops out from the case and revolves every 90 levels with a gratifying click. This kickstand enables you to prop up your phone at any kind of wanted angle with self-confidence in its stability. Ideal for those looking for convenience and numerous choices for holding and displaying their apple iphone.

Furthermore, the 360 Rotatable alternative supplies easy upright, horizontal, and versatile viewing options. These instances allow you to hold your phone utilizing the kickstand or location it on a surface area for hands-free viewing – making it incredibly user-friendly. TORRAS has rigorously tested the 360 Spin Stand with more than 30,000 open-and-close cycles, guaranteeing its outstanding sturdiness.
3-in-1 Multi-functional Kickstand
TORRAS presents a cutting-edge O-shaped kickstand that functions as a ring holder and is developed to support wireless charging. This functional kickstand permits you to effortlessly change in between vertical placing for video calls and horizontal alignment for appreciating flicks on your iPhone. In addition, the ring holder feature enables you to firmly grip your apple iphone by knotting your finger via it when your hands are occupied. The zinc alloy kickstand is extremely conductive, removing the requirement to eliminate the situation for fast charging your apple iphone.
Super Strong Magnet
TORRAS utilizes sophisticated Halbach modern technology (18N) in the apple iphone Situation Collection, offering a magnetic pressure that works with MagSafe devices and is 40% much more powerful than main iPhone situations. This implies that the Ostand 360 Situation Collection can securely connect to a range of surfaces, consisting of cars and truck and bike installs, desk phone installs, and even your fridge, without the risk of diminishing.

12-Foot Decline Protection
Regardless of its streamlined layout, the Ostand 360 Instance Series offers military-grade decline security with a 12-foot decline elevation, capable of soaking up 98% of the effect pressure from an autumn. The case is equipped with elevated sides that encompass the cams and screen bezel, making certain exceptional security versus drops.

In fact, the Ostand 360 Instance Collection has actually confirmed to shield apples iphone from even greater elevations. TORRAS consumer Michael Hughes shared his experience of unintentionally dropping his iPhone XR from a plane while taking photos. The phone plummeted 1,700 feet right into England’s New Woodland, yet thanks to his TORRAS case, he discovered it totally untouched!