Apple’s Hotel television AirPlay Feature Expands to Another Partner: Samsung

At WWDC 2023, Apple disclosed its strategies to expand the availability of AirPlay to hotels around the world. The function was formally introduced with iphone 17.3 in January, debuting with IHG Hotels & Resorts and LG Televisions.

Samsung has currently slightly revealed its assistance for AirPlay on its range of friendliness TVs. In a recent news release, Samsung specified that the assimilation of AirPlay is part of its overarching approach to boost the in-room experience for hotel guests while using durable monitoring devices for hotel operators.

At first, Samsung will certainly present AirPlay support to its HBU8000 friendliness Televisions, with plans to prolong the feature to other existing models in the future. Similar to Apple’s execution, hotel guests can link their iPhone or iPad to the in-room television via AirPlay by checking a special QR code, getting rid of the requirement for passwords or application downloads. When configured, guests can effortlessly stream content from their Apple devices to the resort space television.

While information on AirPlay’s development past IHG Hotels & Resorts are scarce, it is expected that AirPlay will quickly be offered at locations outfitted with Samsung hospitality TVs. Remain tuned for further updates on AirPlay’s hotel development.