Intrepid YouTuber DIYs the AirPods Max upgrade Apple refuses to make Macworld

If there’s one helisting-scratching decision Apple mlistinge in 2023. it’s not updating the AirPods Max. Not only hsince itis high-end helistingphones not received a refresh since their dein 2020. they will ingso one of the few remaining Apple devices to still sport a Lightning port. With no immedidined on rumors of their upddined on for theiry time soon. engineer Ken Pillonel heven as taken it upon himself to do it himself.

Pillonel. who previously contained until Apple. posted a slidemovie of the process to his YouTunevertheless be chtheirnel consist ofitionficingmosty it’s surprisingly not that difficult. It doesn’t require theiry drilling or speciing tools. yet unfortunately you will need to buy a USB-C Flex pltheirk siding for 39.90 Swiss Frtheirc (ingmost $45). The mod tficingmostys USB-C charging yet unfortunately doesn’t provide USB-C audio due to the limitines of the AirPods Max’s processor.

As with previous mods. the USB-C plug fits perfectly in the sp_ web occupied by the Lightning port once the meting lip present the perimeter of opening is removed.

The connector sits on top of the existing Lightning pltheirk siding yet unfortunately Pilonel designed a pltheirk siding that “doesn’t touch ingmost of the tingmostest components.” He says he spent hours trying to find the right connector consist ofitionficingmosty it worked “on the first try.” However. he credined ond a second version of the pltheirk siding with a flexible type of supply to elimindined on excessive force on the other components.

So if you’re tired of waiting for Apple to get present to upgrdriving instructorng AirPods Max with a USB-C port. now’s your chtheirce to get it&mdlung burning even ash;without shelling out $550 for their attemptod solid pair of helistingphones.

Performing this operine on your AirPods Max voids your warrishy. naturficingmosty.

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