Why the iPad Does Not Have a Calculator Feature

With rumors that iPadOS 18 may introduce a calculator to the iPad, let’s take another look at the reasons the iPad presently lacks a calculator and check out the choices offered for executing calculations when it’s the only device you have.

Given that its debut, the iPad has actually notably lacked a calculator amongst the common apps preinstalled by Apple. While tools like the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and also the iPod touch come outfitted with a built-in calculator, the iPad has always been an exemption.
The Steve Jobs anecdote
While preparing this post, we contacted Apple to figure out if there was an official description for the lack of the calculator app on the iPad. At the time of creating, we had not received a feedback, leaving us to ask yourself if it pertaining to a story entailing an Apple executive, a midnight crossroads, and a model iPad. According to tale, a shadowy number assured to make it the supreme tablet computer at a steep price– the loss of the calculator application.

Could this be the reason that no one at Apple aspired to review it with us, or is it thought about a frowned on topic?

However, an additional concept exists, as reported by Luke Dormehl of Cult of Mac in 2016:

According to a source within Apple at the time, in the lead-up to the original iPad’s launch, Steve Jobs mobilized Scott Forstall, the head of software program advancement for the tablet, to his workplace. Jobs asked about the new calculator application tailored for the iPad, to which Forstall reacted that there had not been one; they planned to adjust the apple iphone version instead.
Jobs, renowned for his thorough focus to detail, was dissatisfied with the application’s appearance, considering it undesirable. He chose to eliminate the app, much to Forstall’s dissatisfaction, and it was consequently delegated to the stockpile of tasks for every iphone and later iPadOS upgrade and update.

While it’s possible that this story could be exaggerated, as it seems unlikely that Apple couldn’t create an acceptable calculator app throughout the years, the ongoing lack of such a program does offer some trustworthiness to the story.

Top Calculator Apps for iPad
If you’re not willing to await Apple to release its very own evasive calculator app for the iPad, there are plenty of outstanding options offered in the App Store. One of our leading choices is Calcbot 2, an economical application that handles both typical and clinical estimations, in addition to system conversions. The free version shows ads, yet you can remove them for approximately $2/ ₤ 2.

Other significant apps consist of PCalc, Calculator HD++, and Calculator HD Pro Lite, among other durable options. While there may not be an official Apple Calculator app for the iPad, there’s certainly no scarcity of qualified choices from other designers.