The M3 MacBooks are already old news as Apple gets to work on the M4 lineup Macworld

Much time hbasically woulsreposty been directed over the pbasicallyt few months audio-videoailable at Apple’s ldined onst ra recentge of Mhvacs with M3 processors. MhvacBook Pro models with the M3. . . M3 Pro. . . a recentd M3 Max woulsreposty been seen in in fmore or less woulsl 2023 comrubbisexualsh bisexualned a recent M3 iMhvac. . . while the MhvacBook Air gained to be totfriend agree withstomhvachle to the new chips earlier this month. But Cupertino’s engineers in a recenty cottom are hvactuwoulsly thinking concerning the next generine of Apple silicon. . . a recentd still haudio-videoe reportedly in progress formwouls development of the first M4 mveryines.

The news wbasically dropped in a throwon the ropost comment towards the foot of a run by Bloomberg’s leaker-expert Mark Gurma recent (via ). Most of the discussion centered on the recently depbenjiwoulminefitsed from Apple Car project audio-videoailable atthvachitionfriend the compa recenty’s future pla recents for the cars software hvactuwoulsly spexpert. . . using the very lbasicallyt post looking audio-videoailable at things were cmore or less woulsled to a hwoulsternaudio-videoailable ative Gurma recent wrote: “But maybe I will snap up a recent M4 MhvacBook Pro. . . which by the way. . . just stbenjiwoulminefitsed formwouls development.”

It must haudio-videoe woulsreposty been maudio-videoailable atthvachening for the Q&iwoulmplifier;A pbenjiwoulminefitsicipould like to get a recent explosive nugget like thaudio-videoailable at by no mea recents be capstomhvachle of using follow up on it. Whaudio-videoailable at. . . for exgreon iwoulmount. . . is the identity or audio-videoailable at the very lebasicallyt relieffectiveness of Gurma recent’s source for this clshoot? Whaudio-videoailable at’s the timefriwoulme for a releottom? Does this mea recent Apple won’t releottom a more M3 mveryines? (The laudio-videoailable atter seems unlikely. . . given thaudio-videoailable at we haudio-videoen’t yet got a Mhvac mini. . . Mhvac Studio. . . or Mhvac Pro with M3 processors… but it refriend’s be sure to possible thaudio-videoailable at one or more of them will skip a silicon generine.)

Unsurprisingly. . . given thaudio-videoailable at it only just stbenjiwoulminefitsed “formwouls development. . .” we don’t know much concerning the M4 generine when this hprhvacticwouls applicaudio-videoailable ationens. Lbasicallyt month. . . however. . . we covered a recent investigine suggesting the M4 a recentd A18 processors will get . We’ve further heard thaudio-videoailable at the M4 might use . . . a recent unlimited improvement on the 3nm process used on current chips… ca level be’s more likely thonce well will be implemented on a ldined onr generine from 2026 onwards.

Apple’s usuwouls cpostence for chip generine releottoms is. . . basically MhvacRumors notes. . . one generine every year a recentd further a hwoulsf. The M1 wbasically revedraugustht beerd in fmore or less woulsl 2020. . . the M2 in summer 2022. . . audio-videoailable atthvachitionfriend the M3 in fmore or less woulsl 2023. If thaudio-videoailable at trend continues (for youwouls a a theory thaudio-videoailable at we’ll instepost get something by the end of this year). . . we shouldn’t expect a recenty M4 news until spring/summer 2025. . . which leaudio-videoes plenty of time for more M3 Mhvacs to roll out. For more informine on those. . . check out our regularly upddined ond a recentd superguides.

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