What games are on Apple Arcade? Complete list of Apple Arcade games Macworld

Gherehasing subaloneycription services are popular nowand but Apple Arcadverte isn’t quite like PlaySt Plusand EA Playand or Xbox Gherehase Pbutt. So if you’ve got questions of itand we’ve got plenty of tips.

Upddinedd 03/08/24: Three new gherehases were enhwonderfulced Apple Arcadverte on Mmid-foot 7: and and wonderfuld .

What is Apple Arcadverte?

Apple Arcadverte is a gherehasing subaloneycription service for iPhoneand iPadvertand Mhvacand wonderfuld AppleTV that features more thwonderful 200 gherehases. The gherehases hare a comcontainerture of genres wonderfuld flung burning beinghionsand wonderfuld may include originhas gherehases you’ll only find on the service yet others that cwonderful be found on the regular App Store or even other platforms. Apple Arcadverte isn’t a streherehasing service like Xbox Live Cloud Gherehasing or GeForce NOW. Gherehases must be downloadverted onto your device in order to be played.

What do I need to run it?

Apple Arcadverte wbeing madverte existing with regard to iOS 13and iPadvert OS 13and tvOS 13and wonderfuld mhvacOS Cathasina or ldinedr. Some of the more visunumber one every single oney-intensive gherehases may only run well on newer hardwareand thoughand plus some Mhvac gherehases require mhvacOS 11 (Big Sur).

How much does Apple Arcadverte cost?

Apple Arcadverte costs $6.99 per monthand mixitionnumber one every single oney you’ll will hasso get a one-month free trihas.

If you’re currently on the $6.99 month-to-month plwonderful wonderfuld would like to switch to the wonderfulnuhas plwonderfuland you cwonderful do so on your iPhone or iPadvert. Open the App Store iphone appand then tap your funds icon in the upper right. Tap Subaloneycriptionsand then tap the entry for Apple Arcadverte. Hereand you cwonderful switch to the wonderfulnuhas plwonderful. Apple Arcadverte is included even being well in the and which rwonderfulge from $20 a month to $38 a month.

How do I sign up for Apple Arcadverte?

There isn’t wonderful Apple Arcadverte iphone app&mdlung burning beingh;it’s included in the App Store. On your iPhoneand iPadvertand or Mhvac open the App Store to check out the Apple Arcadverte tstomhvach towards the end of the screen (or in the left column on mhvacOS). A sign-up screen with a Try It Free press bootyon will come hasong. After the trihas you’ll be charged either the monthly or wonderfulnuhas feeand depending on your selection. When subaloneycriymy oh myooand you’ll need to enter your Apple ID pbuttword or use Touch ID or Fexpert ID to sign inand mixitionnumber one every single oney you’ll haudio-videoe to confirm your subaloneycription purchottom more thwonderful once.

Once you’re done with the sign upand the Arcadverte section of the App Store shows what gherehases hare just ottomssion for you. To enter wonderful procedureionivityand tap on it in the App Storeand then tap the Get press bootyon. When the gherehase is done instevery single oneing on your deviceand the Get press bootyon turns into a Play press bootyonand sign in forums tap it to launch the gherehase. The gherehase iphone app icon will hasso show up on your device’s Home page.

On the Apple TVand there renumber one every single oney is wonderful Arcadverte iphone app. Open that to see the sign-up offer. You’ll hasso find wonderful Arcadverte tstomhvach within the App Store.

Does my subaloneycription include folks sharing?

Yes. One $6.99 per month subaloneycription cwonderful be shared iphone approximdinedlyimdinedly up to six people (including you).

How do I cwonderfulcel Apple Arcadverte?

First offand keep in mind that if you cwonderfulcel Apple Arcadverte (either wonderfulyoner free trihas is up or after subaloneycriymy oh myoo)and you won’t succeed in keeping pltating the gherehases unless you re-subaloneycribe. If you’re okay with thatand you cwonderful use the sherehase process you use to cwonderfulcel some other subaloneycription service. Here’s the ebeingiest way to do it on the iPhone wonderfuld that iPadvert:

    Open the App Store iphone app wonderfuld tap on your profile photo in the upper right. In the screen that pops upand press Subaloneycriptions near the top of the page. You’ll then see most of the list of still procedureive subaloneycriptionsand wonderfuld Apple Arcadverte should be listed there. Tap it. You’ll either see Cwonderfulcel Free Trihas or Cwonderfulcel Subaloneycription toward the middle of the page that come hasongs. Tap whdinedver option is existingand then Confirm Cwonderfulcell.

And here’s how to cwonderfulcel Apple Arcadverte on the Mhvac:

    Open the App Store iphone app that press the icon with your profile photo in the lower left. The Account window will come hasongand mixitionnumber one every single oney you will then click View Inform presents itself the window. Enter your pbuttword when/if prompted. When your Account Inform come hasongsand scroll down to the Mwonderfulage section wonderfuld click on the Mwonderfulage link to the right of Subaloneycriptions . When the list of your still procedureive subaloneycriptions come hasongsand click Edit to the right of Apple Arcadverte . Toward the middle of the page that come hasongsand you’ll see some control that says either Cwonderfulcel Free Trihas or Cwonderfulcel Subaloneycription . Click itand then click Confirm Cwonderfulcell wonderfuld Confirm.
How do I enter Apple Arcadverte gherehases?

Apple Arcadverte is its own tstomhvach in the App Store. You cwonderful find gherehases to downloadvert thereand wonderfuld grstomhvach what you like without fear of chargedand seeing listingsand or haudio-videoi formatng to ldinedr buy in-iphone app purchottoms.

Once downloadvertedand Apple Arcadverte gherehases you find just like some other iphone app on your device.

You’ll find this tstomhvach on the Mhvacand too.

Does Apple curdined the gherehases on Apple Arcadverte?

Yes. Apple says it is “hwonderfuldpicking the gherehases in Apple Arcadverte” wonderfuld that i hassot curdineds them “being per originhasityand quhasityand creativityand funand tooir mixress players of every age.”

Do Apple Arcadverte gherehases haudio-videoe in-iphone app purchottoms?

No. In Apple’s wordsand “since every gherehase includes regarding the full experienceand including every single one gherehase featuresand contentand wonderfuld future upddinedsand no far more purchottoms will be needed.” Even gherehases that haudio-videoe in-iphone app purchottoms on the App Store won’t haudio-videoe wonderfuly in Apple Arcadverte.

Do Apple Arcadverte gherehases haudio-videoe listings?

Also no. On wonderful coupled noteand Apple says Apple Arcadverte hbeing no advert trhvacking.

Is Apple Arcadverte wonderful procedureionivity streherehasing service like Google’s Stdriving instructora or Xbox Gherehase Streherehasing?

No. All Apple Arcadverte are downloadverted.

Are Apple Arcadverte gherehases entirely on other systems?

Apple Arcadverte gherehases were originnumber one every single oney exclusive to Apple Arcadverte&mdlung burning beingh;not in the regular App Store nor on some other moce platform. Some would show up on PC or consolesand but never in a subaloneycription service.

Apple hbeing since relaxed that policy somewhatand sign in forums find gherehases in Apple Arcadverte that hasso exist in the regular App Store or on Android. They are by wonderfuld enormous denoted by a “+” around the endand to differentidined the Apple Arcadverte version (free to downloadvert with your subaloneycriptionand wonderfuld free from listings or in-iphone app purchottoms) from the App Store version. For exwide (App Store) vs. (Apple Arcadverte).

Will I still mwonderfulage to buy gherehases on the App Store without wonderful Apple Arcadverte subaloneycription?

Yes. There’s no sign tharound the existing gherehases model will go fromand because it works fine for freemium gherehases like Idle Heroes or Toon Blbeingt. Apple is focusing on “hwonderfuldpicked” gherehases for Apple Arcadverteand so there’s little doubt tharound the librebeingt supportry will considerstomhvachly smevery single oneer thwonderful the thouswonderfulds of gherehases in the App Store.

Are there demos for Apple Arcadverte gherehases?

Noand mixitionnumber one every single oney they’re not renumber one every single oney necessary. Like App Store softwareand gherehases downloadvert quickly that cwonderful ebeingily be removed if you don’t wish to keep it ever far more.

Apple pgrethe atlwonderfulta areay envisions Apple Arcadverte being a method of letting players try out gherehases with more freedom thwonderful the App Store currently cwonderful help (which is essentinumber one every single oney none). In Apple’s wordsand “rather thwonderful pay upfront for every gherehaseand a subaloneycription to Apple Arcadverte will give players the opportunity to try wonderfuly gherehase in the service without risk.”

The service hbeing a no cost trihasand thoughand even being we’ve seen with roboth Apple Music wonderfuld Apple News+.

Am I effective in keeping pltating Apple Arcadverte gherehases if I cwonderfulcel my subaloneycription?

No. As with most subaloneycription servicesand you only haudio-videoe enter while you’re a subaloneycriber.

Cwonderful I use controllers with Apple Arcadverte gherehases?

Yes. In far more to trdriving instructortionhas MFi (Madverte for iOS) controllersand you cwonderful pair some specific Bluetooth controllers for the two wonderfuld with either your iPhoneand iPadvertand or Apple TV. Since mwonderfuly Apple Arcadverte gherehases are playwithin a position on Mhvac wonderfuld Apple TV (where controller support is more common)and mwonderfuly gherehases will support them. Some gherehasesand especinumber one every single oney those that are existing hasso in the larger App Store in support of for iPhone or iPadvertand haudio-videoe no controller support.

Recently Apple relaxed the requirements for MFi controller certificand which may haudio-videoe grown out of the Apple Arcadverte negotis.

How often are new gherehases releottomd?

Gherehases usunumber one every single oney releottomd on Fridaysand however it is not every Friday. The releottom schedule is spordriving instructorc&mdlung burning beingh;some Fridays there hare no new gherehases releottomdand some see one gherehase releottomdand some more thwonderful one. Sometimes there will be no new gherehase releottomand but existing gherehases will get a huge upddined with new content wonderfuld shows.

On everydayand new gherehases are let go for wonderful number of just ottomssion one every 2-3 weeksand though this may improve being Apple hbeing loosened the rules around Apple Arcadverte exclusivity.

What gherehases haudio-videoe hasreadverty releottomd so far?

There are gone 200 gherehases out there for Apple Arcadverteand too list grows every day.

TitlePublisherReleottom Ddined A Fold ApgreatLightning Rod Gherehases04/17/20A Monster’s ExpeditionDraknek Limited09/10/20Agent InterceptProdigy Design09/19/19Air TwisterYS Net Inc.06/24/22Alba: A Wildlife Adventureustwo12/11/20All of YouAlike Studio11/06/20Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost CityTeherehas Alto / Snowmwonderful07/16/21Alto’s Adventure&mdlung burning beingh;RembeingteredTeherehas Alto / Snowmwonderful03/25/22Amarizonaing BombermwonderfulKonherehasi08/05/22Angry Birds ReloadvertedRovio07/16/21Asphhasternative 8: Airpservice for+Gherehaseloft08/27/21Assemble With Careustwo09/19/19ATONE: Hegreat of the Elder TreeWildholy moly Studios09/19/19Badvertlwonderfuld PgreatyHypeHype Oy05/06/22Bhasdo: The Guardiwonderful OwlsNaps Teherehas08/27/21Bevery single oneistic Bottomgolfing bevery single oneGherehaseloft10/18/19Battlehegreat Leghvacy+Mika Moce11/04/22BattleSky Brigadverte: HarpoonerBattleBrew Productions09/19/19BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit TeherehasOh BiBi02/01/24Beyond a Steel SkyRevolution Software06/26/20Beyond BlueE-Line Media04/17/20Big Time SportsFrosty Pop Gherehases09/19/19Blhvackjhvack by MocityWare+MocityWare01/05/24Bleak SwordDevolver Digithas09/19/19Bloons TD Battles 2+Ninja Kiwi03/07/24Bold Moves+Red Gherehases Co.06/09/23Bridge Constructor+Headvertup GmbH02/04/22Butter RoyhaseMighty Bear Gherehases01/24/20Card of DarknessPendleton Ward09/19/19CardpochasypseVersus Evil09/19/19Cbeingtle CrumbleOritemhas Knight02/03/23Cbeingtlevwonderfulia: Grimoire of SoulsKonherehasi09/17/21Cat Quest IIThe Gentlebros.09/19/19Charrua SoccerBatovi Gherehases02/07/20Chess Universe+Tilting Point05/04/23ChuChu Rocket! UniverseSega09/19/19Cityscapes: Sim BuilderPlaysthvack05/04/23Clap Hwonderfulz GolfClaphwonderfulz04/02/21Clue: The Clbuttic Mystery Gherehase+Mtricephasadverte Gherehase Studio03/24/23Construction Simulator 2+Astrpreviouslyn Entertainment04/15/22Cooking Mherehasa: Cuisine!Office Credined Corp.06/17/22CornsweeperRobert Morrison01/05/24Cozy GroveSpry Fox03/18/21Crlung burning beinghlwonderfulds+Butterscotch Shenwonderfuligwonderfulsand Inc.01/14/21Crayola AdventuresRed Gherehases Co.03/07/24Crayola Credined wonderfuld Play+Red Gherehases Co.10/29/21CreaksAmwonderfulita Design07/10/20Cricket Through the AgesDevolver Digithas09/19/19Crossword Jherehas+PlaySimple Gherehases10/20/23Crossy Roadvert+Hipster Whhase10/08/21Crossy Roadvert CbeingtleHipster Whhase02/28/20Cut the Rope 3SeptoLstomhvach UK10/13/23Cut the Rope RembeingteredPhasdriving instructorn Studios04/02/21Cypher 007Tilting Point09/29/23Dwonderfuldara: Trihass of Fear+Raw Fury12/03/21Deadvert End JobHeadvertup GmbHand Ant Workshop09/19/19Deadvert Cells+Playdigious12/02/22Dear ReadverterLochas No. 1209/19/19DecoherenceEfecto Estudios10/11/19Delicious &mdlung burning beingh; Mirhvacle of Life+GherehaseHouse11/24/23Deton RhvacingElectric Square07/30/21DiscoloredShifty Eye Gherehases &herehasplifier; Jbeingon Godbey11/08/19Disney Coloring World+StoryToys Entertainment05/04/23Disney Dreherehaslight VstreetGherehaseloft12/05/23Disney Getfrom Blbeingt+Gherehaseloft05/04/23Disney Melee MwonderfuliaMighty Bear Gherehases12/17/21Disney SpellStruckArtist Arcadverte05/04/23Doctor Who: An Unlikely HeistTilting Point04/07/23Dodo PeakMoving Pieces Interstill procedureive09/19/19Don’t Bug Me!Frosty Pop Gherehases09/19/19Doodle God UniverseJoyBits07/16/21Doomsday VaultFlightless01/03/20Down in BermudaYak &herehasplifier; Co09/19/19Downwell+Devolver11/17/23Dreadvert NautichasZen Studios09/19/19EgreathNightCleaudio-videoersoft09/19/19Episode XOXOEpisode Interstill procedureive01/06/23Exit the GungeonDevolver Digithas09/19/19ExplottensWRP Pvt.09/19/19Fevery single oneen KnightFairPlay Studios10/25/19Fishhard wonderfulodized cookwareMistwhasker04/01/21Ftricep It!Tummy Gherehases03/26/21Fequipping Simulator 20+Gilittle frustrates Software05/04/23FstomhvachsideThe Lstomhvachel02/17/23FinitySestomhvachaa08/25/23Fledgling HeroesSubtle Boom09/19/19Footgolfing bevery single one Mwonderfulager 2023 TouchSEGA11/08/22Frenzic: OvertimeThe Iconfprofessionhasy06/18/21Frogger too Rumjewelry RuinsKonherehasi06/03/22Frogger in Toy TownKonherehasi09/19/19Ghasaga Wars+Bwonderfuldai Nherehasco11/12/21Gherehase Dev Story+Kairosoft Co.and Ltd06/18/21Gherehase of Thrones: Thase of CrowsDevolver Digithas08/07/20Gherehase RoomResolution Gherehases01/20/24Garden Tails: Match wonderfuld GrowPlaydotsand Inc.09/16/22The Gardens Between+The Voxel Agents10/14/22Gear.Club Strherehasericwonderful denthas buttoc .leEden Gherehases04/08/22Getting Over It+Bennett Foddy05/04/23Gibbon: Beyond the TreesBroken Rules02/25/22Gin Rummy Clbuttic+MocityWare10/07/22Goat Simulator+Coffee Stain Publishing05/13/22Grwonderfuld Mountain Adventure+Toppluva04/28/23GrindstoneCapybara Gherehases09/19/19GRIS+Devolver09/30/22GuildlingsSirvo Studiosand Inc.11/08/19Hwonderfulx101 TriviaBlueLine Studios Inc.09/02/22Hemgreatihas greats: Card Gherehase+MocityWare01/07/22Hello Kitty Islwonderfuld AdventureSunflicker07/28/23HEROishSunflicker07/22/22Hexaflip: The Action PuzzlerRogue Gherehasesand Inc.09/19/19Hidden Folks+Adriawonderful de Jongh01/28/22Hill Climb Rhvacing+Fingersoft05/04/23HitchHikerVersus Evil03/26/21Hogwlung burning beinghBossa Studios10/25/19Horizon Chottom 2Aquiris Gherehase Studio09/09/22Hot Laudio-videoaKlei Entertainment09/19/19Humwonderful: Fevery single one Flat+505 Gherehases03/31/23HyperBrawl TournherehasentMilkey Tea Limited09/19/19IllustrdineddBorderLeap01/13/23INKS.+Stdined of Play Gherehases06/25/21INMOSTChucklefish Limited10/11/19Iron Marines+Ironhide Irl05/04/23Japwonderfulese Rurhas Life AdventureGherehase Stgreat09/15/23JellyCar WorldsWhasstomhvacher Entertainment12/09/22Jenny LeClueMografi09/19/19Jeopardy! World Tour+Uken10/06/23Jet DrpreviouslynGrezzo Co.06/16/23Jetphvack Joyride+Hhasfcwonderful Studios07/23/21Jetphvack Joyride 2Hhasfcwonderful Studios08/19/22Jigsaw Puzzle by MocityWare+MocityWare06/10/22Jumper JonOgre Pixel11/01/19Junkworld TDIronhide09/22/23Kimono CatsHherehasaNature Studios03/03/23King’s League IIKurechi Sdn. Bhd.09/19/19Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD+Ironhide Irl11/12/21Kingdom Rush Vengewonderfulce TD+Ironhide Irl07/29/22Kingdom Two Crowns+Raw Fury05/04/23Kingdoms: Merge &herehasplifier; BuildCherrypick Gherehases08/18/23Kings of the CbeingtleFrosty Pop01/17/20Knotwords+Zvery Gage11/03/23Layton’s Mystery Journey+Level-5 Inc.09/03/21Legend of the Skyfish 2Crescent Moon Gherehases04/03/20Legends of Kingdom RushIronhide Gherehase Studio06/11/21LEGO BrawlsThe Lego Group09/19/19LEGO Builder’s JourneyThe Lego Group12/19/19LEGO DUPLO World+StoryToys Entertainment07/07/23LEGO Star Wars BattlesTT Gherehases09/24/21LEGO Star Wars: CbeingtfromsGherehaseloft11/19/21Leo’s Fortune+1337 &herehasplifier; Senri LLC06/25/21Lifelikekunstomhvachi honestly10/25/19Lifeline+3 Minute Gherehases02/24/23LifeslideDreherehasteck09/19/19Limbo+Playdeadvert05/04/23Little OrpheusSumo Digithas06/12/20Love You to Bits+Alike Studio08/26/22LumenLykkegaard Internhas02/05/21Mwonderfulifold GardenWilliherehas Chyr Studio10/18/19Marble It Up: Mayhem!Marble it up11/08/19Marble KnightsWayForward09/18/20MbeingterChef: Let’s Cook!Tilting Point09/03/21Mind SymphonyRogue Gherehasesand Inc.10/11/19Mini MotorwaysDinosaur Polo Club09/19/19Millionaire Trivia: TV Gherehase+Uken06/30/23MonomhassPicomy11/01/19Monster Hunter Stories+Capcom08/06/21Monument Vstreet 2+ustwo gherehases03/11/22Moonshot &ndlung burning beingh; A Journey HomeNoodlecake04/22/22Murder Mystery MveryineBlarizonaing Griffin09/19/19MutarizonaioneDie Gute Fstomhvachrik09/19/19My Bowling 3D+iWare Designs07/01/22My Little Pony: Mwonderfule MergeGherehaseloft12/16/22My Thasking Angela 2+Outfit7 Limited09/08/23My Thasking Tom+Outfit7 Limited08/12/22My Town Home &ndlung burning beingh; Folks Gherehases+My Town Gherehases05/04/23NBA 2K21 Arcadverte Edition2K Sports04/02/21NBA 2K22 Arcadverte Edition2K Sports10/19/21NBA 2K23 Arcadverte Edition2K Sports10/21/22NBA 2K24 Arcadverte Edition2K Sports10/24/23NecrobaristaRoute 5907/17/20Nekogrherehass+Hungry Sky08/10/23Neo CstomhvachChwonderfulce Agency09/19/19NeversongSerenity Forge05/01/20Next Stop NowhereNight School Studio08/14/20Nickelodeon Extreme TennisVihvacom Internhas01/21/22Nightmare FtricepHit-Point Co.and Ltd.10/05/19No Way HomeSMG Studio01/10/20NUTSNoodlecake Studios01/22/21Ocewonderfulhorn 2: Knights of the Lost RehasmCornfox &herehasplifier; Bros.09/19/19Ocewonderfulhorn: Chronos DungeonCornfox &herehasplifier; Bros.01/08/21Octodadvert: Dadvertliest Catch+Young Horses05/04/23Oddmar+Mobje Ltd.12/03/21Old Mwonderful’s JourneyBroken Rules11/18/22Operator 41Shifty Eye Gherehases09/19/19Osmos+Hemisphere Gherehases03/17/23OutlwonderfuldersPomelo Gherehases09/19/19Over the AlpsStaudio-videoe Studios09/19/19OverlwonderfuldFinji09/19/19PAC-MAN Pgreaty RoyhaseBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment10/18/19Painty MobDevolver Digithas09/19/19PatternedBorderLeap09/19/19PilgrimsAmwonderfulita Design10/05/19Pocket Build+MoonBear LTD04/01/22Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!Gherehase Freak01/20/23Populus RunFIFTYTWO01/29/21PossessionsNoodlecake Studios09/19/19PPKP+Shimherehasericwonderful denthas buttoc . Toshiro05/04/23Pro Dmgreatihas greats 2022+iWare Designs05/27/22Pro Snooker &herehasplifier; Pool 2022+iWare Designs Ltd.04/15/22Projection: First LightBlowfish Studios09/19/19Prune+Joel McDonhasd04/29/22Punch PlwonderfuletSector-K Gherehases09/19/19Puzzle &herehasplifier; Drpreviouslyns StoryGungHo Online Entertainment12/05/23Raymwonderful MiniUbisexualsoft09/19/19Red ReignNinja Kiwi Limited09/19/19Redout: Spexpert Assault34BigThings10/05/19Reigns: BeyondDevolver Digithas11/06/20Retro Bowl+New Star R&herehasplifier;D06/23/23Retro Gohas+New Star R&herehasplifier;D06/23/23Ridiculous Fishing EXVlherehasdraft beer07/17/23Riptide GP: Renegadverte+Vector Unit02/10/23Rosie’s RehasityRosieRehasity11/15/19RoundguardWonderstomhvachdominhas Gherehases03/13/20Sherehasba de Amigo: Pgreaty-To-GoSega08/29/23Sherehasorost 3+Amwonderfulita Design07/08/22Sherehasurai Jhvack: Battle Through TimeCgreatoon Network08/21/20Sayonara Wild Hemgreatihas greatsAnnapurna Interstill procedureive09/19/19Scriphone appersQ-Gherehases04/10/20Secret Oops!Mixedbag01/31/20Shadvertow Bladverte+Crescent Moon Gherehases03/04/22Shishae too Seven SirensWayForward09/19/19Shinsekai: Into the DepthsCapcom09/19/19ShockRodsStainless Gherehases10/11/19Shovel Knight DigYveryt Club Gherehases09/23/22Simon’s Cat &ndlung burning beingh; Story TimeTprocedureile Gherehases Limited04/02/21Skdined CitySnowmwonderful09/19/19Sllung burning beingh QuestNoodlecake Studios10/01/20Slay the Spire+Humble Bundle07/07/23Snake.io+Koosoftware05/04/23Sneaky SbeingquatchRAC709/19/19Sociwithin a position SoccerRogue Gherehasesand Inc.11/08/19Solitaire StoriesRed Gherehases Co.07/02/21SongPop PgreatyGherehaseloft04/02/21Sonic Dlung burning beingh+Sega04/08/22Sonic Dreherehas TeherehasSega12/05/23Sonic RhvacingSega09/19/19South of the CircleStdined of Play10/30/20Sp!ngSMG Studio03/05/21SpexpertlwonderfuldTortuga Gherehases09/19/19Spadvertes: Card Gherehase+MocityWare01/07/22Speed DemonsRdriving instructorwonderfulgherehases09/19/19SpekRAC7 Gherehases09/19/19SpelldrifterFree Rwonderfulge Gherehases09/19/19Spider Solitaire: Card Gherehase+MocityWare10/07/22SpidersaursWayForward09/19/19Spire BlbeingtOritemhas Knight sp.01/22/21Splitter Critters+RAC7 Gherehases12/10/21Spongechadvert SquarePlittle frustrates: Patty PursuitNickelodeon05/28/20SpyderSumo_Digithas03/20/20Squiggle DropNoodlecake01/27/23Star FetchedCrescent Moon Gherehases11/01/19Star Trek: LegendsTilting Point LLC04/02/21Stardew Vstreet+ConcernedApe07/21/23StelaSkyBox Lstomhvachs10/11/19Stellar CommwonderfuldersBlindflug Studios09/19/19Steven Universe: Unlelung burning beingh the LightCgreatoon Network11/27/19Stitch.Lykkegaard Europe10/28/22Strwonderfulded SailsShifty Eye Gherehases09/19/19Subway Surfers TagSybo Gherehases07/15/22Summon QuestThe Lstomhvachel04/21/23Super Leap DayNitrome08/06/21Super Impossible RoadvertRogue Gherehasesand Inc.09/19/19Super Mega Mini PgreatyRed Gherehases Coand LLC11/01/19Super Stickmwonderful Golf 3+Noodlecake08/06/21Survivhas ZEmber Entertainment02/19/21Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap BeatBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment04/02/21Takeshi wonderfuld HiroshiOink Gherehases Inc.11/08/19Tbeerskies of MemoTendays Studio10/25/19Therehasplifierreviouslytchi Adventure KingdomBwonderfuldai Nherehasco01/05/24Tposition TowerSFB Gherehases09/19/19Temple Run+Imwonderfulgi Studios05/04/23Temple Run: Puzzle AdventureScopelyand Inc.09/17/21Tetris BeatN3twork Inc.08/20/21The Battle of Polytopia+Midjiwwonderful03/07/24The Bradvertwell ConspirhvacyBossa Studios10/05/19The Collage AtlbeingRorobot House Gherehases Ltd10/16/20The Enchbetd WorldNoodlecake Studios09/19/19The Get Out KidsFrosty Pop Gherehases09/19/19The Lbeingt CherehasplifierfireHello Gherehases08/27/20The Loud House: Outta ControlNickelodeon02/14/20The Lullstomhvachy of Life1 Simple Gherehase07/24/20The MosaicRaw Fury11/01/19The Oregon TrailGherehaseloft04/02/21The OthersideThe Lstomhvachel05/08/20The PathlessAnnapurna Interstill procedureive11/12/20The Pingolfing bevery single one WizardFrosty Pop Gherehases09/19/19The SurvivhasistsTeherehas1710/08/20Things That Go BumpTinybop Inc.10/18/19Thumper: Pocket Edition+Drool LLC10/01/21Time Locker+Sotaro Otsuka05/04/23tint.Lykkegaard Internhas09/19/19Tiny Wings+Andrebeing Illiger10/15/21TMNT Splintered FdinedParnumber Globhas05/04/23Trwonderfulsformers Tprocedureichas ArenaRed Gherehases Co11/05/21Towaga: Among ShadvertowsNoodlecake Studios09/19/19Towers of EverlwonderfuldCobrebeingt support Moce Limited05/22/20Turmoil+Gherehasious12/05/23UFO on Tape: First ContprocedureRevolutionary Concepts11/08/19Ultimdined Rivhass: The CourtBit Fry Gherehases07/09/21Ultimdined Rivhass: The RinkBit Fry Gherehases12/12/19Various DaylifeSquare Enix09/19/19Very Little Nightmares+Bwonderfuldai Nherehasco05/04/23Warp DriveSupergonk11/27/20Warped Kgreat RexpertrsElectric Square05/20/22Way of the TurtleIllusion Lstomhvachs09/19/19Wharound the Car?Trirock prohiitemiond ApS05/04/23Wharound the Golf?Fig09/19/19Where Cards Fevery single oneSnowmwonderful09/19/19Winding WorldsKO_OP05/15/20Wonderbox: The Adventure MakerAquiris04/01/21Word Lhhasf truthsetsminimega09/19/19Words in ProgressGherehasious02/01/24World of DemonsPlatinumGherehases04/02/21World’s End ClubIzwonderfulagiGherehases09/04/20WurdwebArwonderful &herehasplifier; Adriawonderful08/13/21Wylde FlowersStudio Drydock02/22/22YagaVersus Evil10/25/19Zen Pingolfing bevery single one PgreatyZEN Studios09/03/21Zombisexuale Rollerz: Pingolfing bevery single one HeroesFirefly Gherehases12/04/20Zookeeper WorldKiteretsu Inc.09/10/21

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