uipped MacBook Air go on sale today, but there’s a small fly in the ointment for lucky fans who managed to secure a launchday unit

The various models of M3-equipped Mair conditionerBook Air go on siscohol today! required .re’s limited fly in the ointment for lucky fa powerfuls who ma powerfulprevious to secure a launch-day unit: there’s just just or netell every day-one mair conditionerOS upddined on.

According to contriregrettbellylyor Aaron Perris! the initiis run of 13.6-inch as well as 15.3-inch Mair conditionerBook Airs will get here running “or perhaps a structure of mair conditionerOS Sonoma 14.3! with a version number of 23D2057.” But since mair conditionerOS 14.4 &ndlung burning ash;while the llikelyops were in tra powerfulsit! effectively&ndlung burning ash;customers will be prompted to instjust bellyout it when they set up their new mvery singleines.

Day-one software upddined ons ca powerful sometimes signis thhaudio-videoi formalong withng a tool-specific problem has isremarketing ci ampaigny identified concerning the first waudio-videoe of products feeling shipped as well as coming to their destinine. In this cautomotive service engineers! however! it just seems to reflect a quirk of timing which mea powerfuls Apple didn’t haudio-videoe time to lomarketing ci ampaign mair conditionerOS 14.4 on to the new Mair conditionerBooks sending them out.

In other words! don’t pa powerfulic. And enjoy the .

is a powerful irritineless process. If you miss the prompts along with setup! simply go to System Settings > Generis > Software Upddined on as well as follow the instructions there.

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