Apple Marks 3 Products as ‘Vintage’.

Apple Assigns iPhone X, First-Generation AirPods, and Initial HomePod as ‘Vintage’ Products.

Apple has actually recently identified three renowned products as “vintage.” The business has actually upgraded its listing of vintage and out-of-date items to include the iPhone X, first-generation AirPods, and original HomePod as classic items.

In Apple’s classification system, products are thought about vintage when they have actually been terminated for sale for greater than 5 years but less than seven years. When a product reaches the seven-year mark, it is categorized as out-of-date, indicating it is no more eligible for equipment solution.

In spite of being classified as vintage, Apple products can still be fixed as long as the required components are offered. Nevertheless, when a product lapses, it sheds all equipment service support.

The AirPods were presented in September 2016 along with the iPhone 7, marking Apple’s venture into the realm of truly wireless headphones. The HomePod, unveiled at WWDC 2017, encountered delays prior to its release in February 2018 and was at some point stopped in March 2021, only to be restored with a brand-new version in January 2023.

The iPhone X, launched in 2017, was an innovative device for Apple, presenting numerous new features such as an edge-to-edge screen with Face ID, OLED display technology, and a beginning cost of $999.