Spatial Audio Currently Supported Over AirPlay with iphone 18

### Spatial Audio Over AirPlay with iphone 18

We’re still checking out all the new features in iOS 18, which was announced earlier this week at WWDC 2024. After reporting on the update that allows individuals select their favored Home Center, we’ve found another considerable adjustment, especially for HomePod owners. With iOS 18, customers can now stream Spatial Audio over AirPlay.

#### What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is Apple’s cordless protocol for transmitting high-quality sound and video clip in between devices. Apple Television and HomePod have AirPlay integrated, and Apple additionally allows third-party suppliers to include this technology in their items, such as Smart TVs and speakers.

#### The New Function

A major grievance from users has actually been the failure of AirPlay to stream Spatial Audio. Previously, if you were seeing a motion picture or paying attention to a tune with Dolby Atmos enabled on your iPhone and intended to stream it to an AirPlay-compatible tool, the system would automatically downgrade to stereo audio.

However, with iOS 18, this limitation has been resolved. According to Apple, “AirPlay adds Spatial Audio so users can obtain an immersive sound experience, consisting of support for Dolby Atmos, when utilizing AirPlay to stream sound from apple iphone and iPad to HomePod and suitable third-party sound equipment.”

#### Conveniences for Users

This brand-new attribute is specifically useful for proprietors of third-party audio speakers such as those made by Sonos. Previously, these customers needed to rely on exclusive applications to access Spatial Sound streaming. Now, they can enjoy an immersive audio experience directly with AirPlay.

#### Availability

Both iphone 18 and tvOS 18 are presently offered as beta versions for programmers. A public beta will be released following month, with the official launch set for this loss.

#### Verdict

The capacity to stream Spatial Audio over AirPlay is a significant enhancement for iphone 18, offering a richer, much more immersive audio experience for individuals. This upgrade shows Apple’s dedication to improving its ecological community and addressing user responses.