iphone 18: 5 Concealed Gems You Really Did Not See in the WWDC Keynote

It takes place annually. Apple reveals a brand-new version of iOS with a host of major new attributes, and then September gets here. You mount the update and realize that it’s the tiny, quality-of-life renovations that truly enhance your everyday iPhone experience.

Throughout the summer, as beta testers explore iOS 18 in the lead-up to its September release, many of these subtle tweaks will come to light. Some will appear briefly and afterwards disappear, others will evolve during the beta phase, and some will just emerge prior to the official release in the autumn.

We’ve been maintaining a close watch on the neighborhood, and here are some of the minor iOS 18 modifications that really did not make it into Apple’s large WWDC discussion, however we assume deserve understanding about.
### Flexible Cost Limits for iPhone 15

If you have an iPhone 15 or 15 Pro, you can set a fee restriction of 80%, which is helpful for battery long life.

However, iOS 18 enhances this feature by changing the toggle to a slider, enabling settings for 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, and 100%. This renovation makes one of our favored attributes even much better, as we aim to prolong battery life without compromising 20% of our battery capability.

Establishing the fee restriction to 85% or 90% most likely deals considerable advantages while ensuring your phone does not run out of charge as well rapidly.
### Improved Apple Music Queue

Apple Songs customers have actually long voiced concerns regarding its interface, however Apple has actually been gradually making welcome renovations, and it’s currently rather great. Nevertheless, even devoted Apple Songs followers have actually had concerns with the Line up or “Up Next” user interface.

Thankfully, it’s much better currently, with a refreshed appearance and improved interactions. For example, “Play Later” now places a track at the end of your line up, not at the end of your whole music library. Additionally, the line no more clears when you touch to play an additional song, making the overall experience smoother and extra straightforward.
### New Flashlight Interface with Beam Of Light Control

iphone 18 presents an overhauled flashlight user interface, appearing as a small “card” with a flashlight symbol near the top of the display screen. Although the card could appear a bit little, it boasts a smooth design and an amazing brand-new attribute. Now, along with changing illumination (which may be brighter than before), you can likewise change the light beam size if you have an apple iphone with Adaptive Real Tone Flash.

This means individuals with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro can establish the flashlight beam of light to among 3 different sizes, adding a layer of modification and ease.

### Easier Method to Power Off Your apple iphone

Powering down an apple iphone can be complicated for some individuals, not just placing it to sleep. iphone 18 uses a brand-new, less complex method. The Control Center now consists of a clear power button in the upper-right edge. Touching it brings you to the familiar “Slide to Power Off” display.

While some users could not be accustomed to the Control Center or exactly how to access it, this new power button is a clear and universally identifiable interface element, making the power-off procedure extra user-friendly.

### Boosted Calendar Month View

The Schedule app in iOS 18 features numerous interface renovations, with one of the most noteworthy being the brand-new regular monthly schedule view. Rather than showing a full month of days with very little event dots that trigger you to switch over to day or week sight, you can currently see real events on daily.

You can likewise pinch to zoom, stretching the days taller or much shorter to display even more or less occasions per day. Zoom bent on see color-coded dots and lines, or focus to watch 6 or even more events with tags. This new view makes it a lot easier to handle your timetable at a look, supplying both quality and benefit.