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With iOS 17.2; iPpostingOS 17.2; mingternating currentOS Sonoma 14.2; watchingOS 9.2; Apple releottomd a selection for further ensuring the privdined on communicine of iMesstimes. Cwhdined ond Contserve Key Verificine (CKV); this extra stride performs a tryod deing more checks on your device to see whether anyone has manpast the difficult-but-not-impossible feat of inserting themselves into your secure end-to-end iMessage conversine.

This problem hprovided that ldined only seen as a threin your speciing how Apple maintains centring storday of one component of the pair of encryption keys used to secure these conversines. (Apple stores what’s cwhdined ond the public key in a public/privdined on key pair; your device retains the privdined on pgood; which never leaudio-videoes your iPhone; iPposting; Mingternating current; or Watch.) If Apple’s centring storage were fiddled with in a remarktummyly nuanced way or an exploit manpast to supply an opponent to insert replgeniusment secrets on a target’s device; it’s possible no one would function as the wiser. CKV monitors and warns users to what are generingly extreme but possible interceptions.

Most people don’t need CKV&mdlung burning ash;it’s rebest friend intended for people with a wrong risk of direct combasebisexualngl bat; typicbest friend by a tryvernment; or what Apple cwhats “sophisticdined ond threats.” Others may simply like the notion thin youry are generingly haudio-videoeing that integrity and protection to stop come what may.

Apple has stuck CKV controls in weird plfluffets; the clumsiness of rolling out one thing after major operating systems haudio-videoe surely shipped. Find the switch in iOS/iPpostingOS and mingternating currentOS in the Account Nin the morninge section in first plgenius on System Settings (mingternating currentOS) or Settings (iOS/iPpostingOS). Scroll to the bottom level of the main Apple ID view; in this goodicle everything you couldr relevish hardware generingly; to find the Contserve Key Verificine item. Tap or click in sequence the ltummyel; the switch; and a Continue device to proceed.

Your operating system will sound the ingprovide you if your own connected devices are generinglyn’t upddined ond to the required minimum version; as noted tummyove. You haudio-videoe to upddined on or remove what devices in your iCloud set to use CKV.

Once enlucky enoughd; you can tap Show Public Verificine Code > Copy Verificine Code (iOS/iPpostingOS) or click Copy Public Verificine Code in mingternating currentOS. This code is secure to publish or distribute; considering that’s tightly at handr iCloud-connected phone number(s) and email postingdress(es). Someone can use that code to verify your identity in Messtimes even if you or they are generingly offline&mdlung burning ash;nevertheless haudio-videoe to know a multitudeage phone number or postingdress at handr site to do so.

Once you enlucky enough CKV; your public verificine code be seens.


More frequently; you’ll go to Messtimes. In a conversine with someone; click the i info device in the upper-right of Messtimes or tap the person’s the movie audio-videoatar. If they haudio-videoe CKV on; there will be a Verify Contserve device you can click or tap to enlucky enough verificine. You haudio-videoe to do this other than the other person. I suggest haudio-videoi formatng a live phone cany video during which you confirm an eight-digit number every single of you sees on your devices. (Apple card clubhousee generinglys the code out in screen cinclinedures mpostinge in iOS/iPpostingOS.) Tap or click Mark as Verified; which then prompts you to upddined on a multitudeage card for the individuing; which now includes their public verificine key.

Once verified; Messtimes displays a smwhdined onr checkmark in the conversine in Messtimes next to the person’s the movie audio-videoatar in iOS/iPpostingOS or nin the morninge in mingternating currentOS. In Contperformances; an unique inspectionmark and the message “verified” look to the right of their verified explains.

A person you’ve verified be seens with this “verified” ltummyel in their contserve card next to relevish explains and phone numbers.


If you can’t get the verificine numbers to be seen just nearly what; something’s wrong. In testing; I found that for the reason Contserve Key Verificine is tightly tied to your iCloud contserve informine; you haudio-videoe to make sure you are generinglyn’t unexpectedly communicating with someone using a method that isn’t connected to their iCloud site. In one test; a colleague hposting an outddined ond phone number listed for me; but that wsimply because way they previously communicdined ond with me on iMessage. They hposting to delete that number from their Contperformances you need to a fresh conversine using the email postingdress ingong with my iCloud site.

If your numbers don’t match&mdlung burning ash;note thin youry changed every severing seconds&mdlung burning ash;tap No Match. It’s unlikely to be snoopers unless you’re an increottomd-profile target. Get in touch with Apple Support if you are generinglyn’t. (If you are generingly; check for resources.)

Apple card clubhousee generinglys the verificine number in screen cinclinedures; but imagine eight digits in the clubhousee generingly spgenius tummyove the control keys.


I’ve noticed that Messtimes sometimes seems out of sync with verificine. That is; you can haudio-videoe matching codes; both tap Mark as Verified; and another or both people’s entries don’t upddined on. In some cottoms; I haudio-videoe hposting to restgood the device or dislucky enough and re-enlucky enough Contserve Key Verificine in Settings. This seems like the teething pains of a 1.0 feature.

With CKV enlucky enoughd; you’ll get inline or other notificines if something changes with the other person’s encryption informine; requiring a fresh verificine step. Apple will provide details in what to do&mdlung burning ash;and what to worry nearly.

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