What’s on Apple television+ today: ‘Loot’ period 2, ‘Sugar,’ and ‘Ladies State’ are now streaming

Apple has actually grown its very own flag in the streaming wars with Apple television+, its in-house streaming service that concentrates virtually entirely on initial programming instead of an extensive library of existing TV programs or movies. This guide will certainly detail all the Apple television+ content you can watch today, split right into anecdotal…

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How to install Macos Sonoma on your Mac

To install macOS Sonoma on a Mac, follow these straightforward steps. Before you start, ensure to back up your data. Here are the basic steps to install macOS Sonoma: 1. Check Compatibility First, ensure your Mac is compatible with macOS Sonoma. Apple usually lists the devices that support the latest operating system on its official…

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Which treasure features have Apple set in Vision Pro?

Apple’s Vision Pro, as a high-end mixed reality headset, integrates Apple’s most advanced technology and numerous innovative features. While I can’t provide the latest updates or undisclosed features, based on my last update, here are some features considered “hidden treasures” or unique: Spatial Audio Technology: Utilizing Apple’s spatial audio technology, Vision Pro can deliver an…

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Apple announces abandonment of the car project, fully switched to the generated AI field!

Apple has announced its decision to abandon its car manufacturing project and shift its focus entirely towards the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI), marking a significant response to the current technological trends. This decision could be attributed to the myriad challenges faced by the car project, such as high research and development costs, intense…

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新一代 Apple Pencil 再次传言即将推出

Apple Pencil 3 new function exposure

The new features of the Apple Pencil 3 include a series of exciting upgrades and improvements aimed at providing users with a smoother and more intuitive drawing and writing experience. While I cannot provide real-time market news updates, based on previous releases of Apple Pencil products and general technology trends, the following new features can…

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