Apple is Considering Changing the iPad’s Many Unique Layout Attribute

When Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro and iPad Air at its Unleash event in early Might, the most noteworthy change was the new location for the front video camera. Following the lead of the 10th-gen iPad, Apple moved the electronic camera to the longer “landscape” edge, making FaceTime calls far more all-natural when docked.

Nevertheless, while this cam placement satisfies users who choose the iPad in landscape setting, Apple didn’t alter the orientation of the Apple logo on the back of the device, which has actually remained the very same because the initial iPad launched in 2010. According to a new record from French-language website Numerama (via MacRumors), Apple might lastly be ready to accept a landscape orientation fully.

In a meeting with some participants of the iPad Pro’s style team, Molly Anderson reviewed the possibility of rotating the Apple logo design on the back of the device: “I assume this can alter, I don’t think it’s inscribed in stone. We are considering it. The iPad has actually long been an item made use of in portrait setting, however we are progressively utilizing it in landscape setting. We can not state it’s repaired.”

Since it’s equated from French, it’s vague if Anderson’s words are as clear-cut as they seem, yet it appears that the orientation of the Apple logo is something the iPad design group has considered. It deserves keeping in mind that the logo design isn’t visible when docked in a Magic Keyboard, as the accessory has its very own landscape-aligned Apple logo on the back.

Nonetheless, it is odd that Apple has a landscape camera on its latest iPads but maintains the Apple logo in portrait mode. Perhaps the upcoming iPad mini revitalize will address this, however we’re not holding our breath.

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