Apple’s Vintage Gem Currently Offered for Simply $60.

In 2012, Apple started eliminating optical drives from its Macs, starting with the MacBook Air in 2008 and wrapping up with the Mac Pro in 2013 (although a heritage MacBook Pro was offered until October 2016). If you still find yourself requiring an optical drive for your Mac, you can obtain one for just $60 today.

Amazon’s Woot is using Apple’s USB SuperDrive External Optical Drive for $60, which is a $19 price cut off the MSRP. It includes a built-in USB-A cable, so you’ll need a USB-A-to-USB-C adapter to use it with a MacBook. This SuperDrive lets you play and burn CDs and DVDs on your Mac. Determining 5.47 inches square, 0.67 inches thick, and weighing just 3/4 of a pound, the SuperDrive is optimal for getaways, camping trips, and various other occasions when you may want to relax and view a flick.

This deal is only available in the Woot application and ends on Sunday. Amazon Prime members will certainly get totally free shipping.