Apple May Alter Logo Design Alignment on Future iPads

The iPad was initially made to be held primarily upright, in portrait positioning. However, as Apple currently markets the item as a laptop computer replacement, numerous individuals engage with it mostly in landscape alignment, particularly with accessories like the Magic Keyboard. But will Apple ever before transform the positioning of its logo on the back of the iPad?

Future iPads May Feature a Landscape Apple Logo
In an interview with Numerama (by means of MacRumors), Apple industrial designer Molly Anderson was inquired about the Apple logo design being “upside-down” when the iPad is in a situation with a key-board or held in landscape. Anderson replied that “this might alter” in the future and that the upright logo might not stay like this for life.

Anderson kept in mind that the iPad is a gadget that can be made use of “in all instructions,” yet acknowledged that people have been utilizing it a lot more in landscape mode over the last few years.

While Anderson’s response is rather obscure, Apple staff members commonly avoid making definitive declarations in interviews. This could be a hint that the firm is indeed considering altering the alignment of the Apple logo on the back of iPads to match the MacBooks.

With the launch of the 10th generation iPad in 2022, Apple relocated the front video camera to the facility of the screen when the iPad is kept in landscape. The very same applies to the M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro, both introduced earlier this month. In addition, because iPadOS 14.5, the Apple logo matches the orientation in which the gadget is held throughout the boot procedure.
Although such a modification is largely aesthetic, it would certainly stand for a brand-new method of showcasing the iPad.

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