New Gadget Turns Strapless Apple Watch into iPod-Like Click-Wheel ‘Phone’.

Apple’s most successful product of all time, the apple iphone, was initially going to look a great deal even more like an iPod. The iPod was such a hit for Apple that the company naturally taken into consideration making an iPhone that felt and look comparable to its then-biggest moneymaker.

Seventeen years after the apple iphone’s launch, the concept of an iPod-inspired phone hasn’t been neglected. As a matter of fact, a firm is currently teasing that it has created simply that …
### The tinyPod: Not What You Believe.

The tinyPod won’t be fully revealed until sometime in June, however it has actually been teased on X/Twitter for several months. A new intro video launched today supplies the most effective look at the device yet.
### The tinyPod: More Than Satisfies the Eye.

Based on the name, you might assume the tinyPod is a music-only device, but the video clip discloses it’s much more capable than that.

Why is it extra qualified? Since it’s in fact a room for a bustier Apple Watch.

The tinyPod is essentially a case for the core Apple Watch equipment that takes ideas from the iPod, transforming your Watch right into a small phone. Rather than making use of the Digital Crown to browse watchOS, you’ll make use of the included iPod-like click wheel.

Is it brilliant? Is it unusual? Possibly a little both.
### The iPod Phone is Actually an Apple Watch.

The tinyPod is certainly marketing itself as more than just a situation. The teaser ends with the brilliant tagline:.

** your phone away from phone **.

At a time when many users fight with phone dependency, the concept of taking an Apple Watch and turning it into a less-addictive ‘phone’ is remarkable.

With tinyPod, your ‘phone’ will certainly still be part of the Apple community, total with all the vital applications– due to the fact that it’s an Apple Watch. Nonetheless, it will certainly be a lot easier to stay clear of investing excessive time on social media and YouTube, as a lot of those solutions don’t exist or work well on watchOS.

Count me intrigued. If it functions well, I could see the tinyPod being a classy solution for those seeking a much less qualified phone in their lives. And also, it absolutely looks charming.