How to Leave an iMessage Team Text on iOS

The number of you have found yourself embeded a multi-person iMessage session that causes your phone to buzz every couple of secs?

We have actually all existed. In the past, to escape the consistent buzzing, you had to allow iphone’s Do Not Disrupt attribute or turn off all notices for the Messages application. Now, it’s a lot easier to either leave the team chat or silence it.

Actions to Leave an iMessage Team Conversation on apple iphone:
Open the Messages app.
Tap the team discussion you want to leave.
Touch the group name on top of the conversation.
Scroll down and tap Leave This Conversation or Remove and Block This Conversation.

Just how to Silence a Group Chat Without Leaving It

If you intend to stay in a team chat however stop receiving notices, you can quickly silence the conversation.

Steps to Silence a Group Conversation from Within the Discussion:

1. Open the ** Messages ** application.
2. Touch the group discussion you want to silence.
3. Touch the group name at the top of the conversation.
4. Toggle on the ** Conceal Alerts ** choice.

Steps to Silence a Conversation from the Main Messages Display:

1. Open the ** Messages ** app.
2. Locate the conversation you intend to silence.
3. Swipe left on the conversation (however not too much, or you’ll remove it).
4. Touch the bell icon to silence that message thread.