Unveiling the Weight Decrease of the New iPad Pro Magic Key-board

The brand-new Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro suggestions the ranges at 580 grams, a small decrease from the previous version’s 601 grams, according to an early user.

Last week, together with the introduction of the new iPad Pro lineup, Apple also showcased a freshened Magic Keyboard, advertising it as “thinner and lighter” than in the past. Although Apple remains tight-lipped concerning the main weights of its iPad accessories, very early evaluations for the M4 iPad Pro released today emphasize that the brand-new Magic Keyboard indeed really feels lighter.

Remarkable tech customers such as Jason Snell and Chris Lawley reported that the Magic Key-board for the 13-inch iPad Pro considers 667 grams. Nonetheless, evaluates differ somewhat; Brian Tong cites a weight of 662 grams, while The Verge reports 658 grams.

In spite of these discrepancies, it is clear that the new 13-inch Magic Keyboard, formerly around 710 grams, is lighter. This weight decrease is more considerable considering that the 13-inch M4 iPad Pro itself has also slimmed down to 579 grams from the prior 682 grams.

Below’s a quick recap of the overall weights:

– 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro + Magic Key-board = 1,392 grams
– 13-inch M4 iPad Pro + Magic Key-board = 1,246 grams

For context, the M3 13-inch MacBook Air evaluates about 1,240 grams, offering a fascinating contrast.

Currently, there are no reviews describing the weight of the Magic Key-board for the 11-inch iPad Pro, however I will certainly update this post again info becomes available.